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Young person ADHD assessment

We provide attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) assessments for children and young people.

This is a diagnostic service, not a prescription service. If you would like to explore medication options we can refer onwards to a private prescriber.

We offer a comprehensive and streamlined diagnostic assessment pathway for children and young people. Our young person ADHD assessments are usually conducted over one morning. The appointment is with a clinical psychologist. 

Young person ADHD assessments include: 

  • Initial screening questionnaires
  • Information gathering from your young person's school about their strengths and needs. This includes an information form and screening measure.  If your child is home-schooled we will obtain infomation from another professional or someone outside the family who knows them well 
  • Information gathering from parent(s)/carer(s), e.g. about the current concerns, family history, developmental history and mental health
  • Discussion with the child’s parent(s) or caregiver about features related to ADHD using the Young DIVA 
  • Interaction and observation of your young person at our clinic in Whitstable, Kent. We complete a computer based assessment called the QbCheck
  • Review of any available school/professional/clinical reports
  • A comprehensive diagnositic report including recommendations to support your child to achieve their full potential. Our assessments are fully NICE compliant and our reports should be recognised and fully accepted by the NHS and schools/colleges
  • Follow-up meeting to discuss the outcome, recommendations and support options

The assessment outcome, our comprehensive written report and recommendations will be provided as soon as possible after the assessment. 

For face-to-face appointments we are in Whitstable, Kent, which is within easy reach of Canterbury, Faversham, Herne Bay, Maidstone, Medway, Ashford, Sittingbourne, Thanet, Dover and Deal. We also offer online consultations. Please contact us for further information or to arrange an initial consultation on 01227 656953 or at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

For further information please contact us on: Telephone: 01227 656953  Email: info@autismkent.co.uk.



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