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Roger Newman 

CBT Psychotherapist

Roger has extensive experience in working both in social care and mental health and has practiced within the private sector (inpatient and outpatient), the NHS, and the charity sector. In the past five years, Roger has incorporated experiential psychotherapy within his CBT practice which incorporates mindfulness, compassion focused therapy (CFT), and more recently schema therapy. The CFT approach has been shown to be highly effective to "non-responders of CBT", particularly if they experience high levels of shame/self-criticism.  

His specialist areas of work include working with those who have difficulty regulating emotion, and those with eating disorders, depression, anxiety, long-term health conditions and trauma.

Roger’s ability to be adaptive to clients needs has greatly enhanced his practice and has often provided a broader framework for patients to understand and alleviate their suffering. 

Throughout his career he has developed a range of skills enabling effective engagement from people of all backgrounds and disadvantages. 

For further information please contact us on: Telephone: 01227 656953  Email: info@autismkent.co.uk.



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